Miguel Espada Founder

In 2004, the founder of Propriétés & Co, Miguel Espada, developed a bold idea – to reconvert the best of the crumbling châteaux, abbeys, monasteries and other heritage buildings lining the Mediterranean, and transform them into luxury seaview and vineyard estates.

Braving regulatory hurdles and the challenges of building in southern Europe, Miguel and his passionate team of architects, artisans, designers and builders have since achieved something that no one had dared attempt before – to bring some of Europe’s most elegant historic properties back to life while transforming them into tasteful boutique residences and ‘spa resorts’.

The concept has proved a huge succes – with press, industry experts and customers alike drawn to the idea of historic properties gaining a new life, and to the thought of resorts that connect their residents to the local community, culture and natural environment rather than screening them off from the outside world. Unlike most developments, these beautiful resorts feel real, with roots going back hundreds of years, and with ties to the people and countriside around them, ensuring residents and visitors truly experience a place rather than simply visiting it.

Years of experience has also resulted in an ever-more-simple buying and management model. Transparent, simplified charges for maintenance and services take the stress out of ownership. And because the management company can rent out your property for you, rental revenues can more than cover the costs of ownership. The team also make buying easy, with their expert knowledge of regulations as well as providing support every step of the way.

The future’s bright for Propriétés & Co – with each development getting bigger and better. The ambitious La Baraquette development, based in the pretty port-village of Marseillan, is about to become the first 5-star seaview vineyard development in the south of France. Other projects, in France and beyond also promise to take the authentic luxury model to new heights.